Made of plastic bags, nurdles, acrylic medium, grommets.

Where did this trash come from? Sunlight energy trapped in plants was compressed by geologic forces, over millions of years, to become fossil fuels. These were then extracted from the earth and made into plastic materials. Some of this plastic made its way to the beach in Peniche, to be collected and transformed into this flag.


Annie Graham is from Jefferson (USA) who lives now in Peniche. She has a unique trash art style creating collages playing with transparency and reflection. She started working this way around 2004 or 2005, when she lived in Los Angeles. At a beach clean up in 2018 in Peniche, another artist from our collective Lisa (@lizzyartwork) challenged her to make an art piece using microplastics. Working on that first piece showed her the potential of trash as a material – since then, she fell in love with it! The piece in Lisbon will be a microplastic nurdle flag!

Annie has eliminated plastics from her personal care products and she is working on her kitchen/food now. That’s a challenging part to reduce. “While we certainly can make an impact as consumers, more pressure should be put on the corporations who make profit from creating plastic trash. We need to change the myths around plastic as a material and trash as a concept.”