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Sculpture made 100% of reused cardboard, and covered with trash collected from Algarve beaches. With the support of the Escola Azul project (Alberto Iria – Olhão).


Henrique Keys is from Olhão, Algarve, located in the south of Portugal. In 2015, Henrique started using trash to create his wonderful sculptures which represent different characters. The first sculpture he developed with trash was the predator and it was a huge success at the Comic con Portugal in 2017. His work it’s so incredible that sometimes people really think the pieces are real! This happened, for example, with his turtle sculpture which is made of garbage picked up from his hometown beaches.

One of the main words that can describe the art this dreamer artist does is reusability which is for sure an amazing commitment. 

In each of Henrique’s exhibitions, the core message to be passed on is: “Don’t leave trash on the floor, recycle and reuse. For kids and parents, I always suggest using their free time to pass more time together making toys with reused materials”.