"Backstabbed, by the fruit of your imagination"

“Redefine the world around you, it’s a spiritual disease, a mental disorder, a financial dictatorship camouflaged by democracy. Our children’s great-grandchildren are already pawned to the marrow. Lawyers with heart and iron balls are being sought to bring the politicians of this world economy to court for the slavery of humanity.
To contemplate evil we must first recognize it…”


Associação Nazarena de Artes Plásticas – anazArt – is located at Nazaré and its main purpose is to provide a space where artists can create and exhibit their art as well as sharing their knowledge with each other.

Steve Delgado is one of the artists belonging to this community. Nazarene but born in Canada, Steve started using trash into his art in 1998 as, at the time, he didn’t have any other material to work with and so he decided to use what was around him. His art allows him to express himself in the best way possible and brings him a lot of joy.

One of the main messages this artist would like to share with the World is that we should never forget that empathy is the main characteristic that makes us humans and we should remember and put it into practice daily.