Steve Surfboards was created as an idea to reduce the environmental impact of surfboard manufacturing,  rethinking the process of surfboard building with focus on sustainability and reusing materials. Creating functional art. In 2020, The Trash Traveler and Steve became friends and since then “The Trash Wave” was born. Their first project “The Fresh Fish From The Fridge” has been a surfboard made of the isolation of a wrongly discarded fridge, cigarette butts, ocean plastics and even a trousers they found in nature.

Do you want a product made of upcycled materials for your walls, to raise awareness or even to use it in the water? Check out our options below or send us an email to discuss ideas or orders! We can find trash at the beach or you can send your own trash to upcycle. We have a list of possible cool unique projects – just send us a message:

Main Projects

Click through the gallery and you’ll find 2 boards that even surf! 
“The Fresh Fish From The Fridge” and “The Left-Over-Fabrics Board” for the outdoor company “Jack Wolfskin” who wanted to show with us the importance of closing the loop in production processes to reuse left over materials and work towards a circular economy. Are you inspired now? Let’s think about some projects that can raise awareness!

For Sale

We do custom awareness projects, so if you won’t find anything in here, you can just send us an email and we brainstorm about a project together. 

Currently for sale:

Handplane made out of the foam isolation of a fridge we found next to the trash bins. The wind would have blown it into the ocean in Peniche.

A board made out of old palets and the railing made of old wine corks. 

Everything is possible! Let’s raise awareness for a circular economy!