Steve Surfboards was created as an idea to reduce the environmental impact of surfboard manufacturing,  rethinking the process of surfboard building with focus on sustainability and reusing materials. Creating functional art.


This project started just before “The Plastic Hike” together with The Trash Traveler with the aim to raise awareness in an extraordinary way. Materials used for the board were all found close to the shore in Peniche. Not properly discarded trash finds its way into the ocean eventually. It is made of the isolation of a discarded fridge, plastic, covid masks, trousers and roughly 2000 cigarette butts. A board made of 95% trash and left-overs.


& The Trash Traveler

Štěpán Řezníček is the man behind Steve Surfboards. After working many years in the surfboard industry he realized how much waste is made by producing surfboards. He wants to rethink the whole process and take time to make things different. He started to collect materials, from broken boards to packaging to build surfboard blanks. He is reusing off-cuts of fiberglass or old cloths to laminate the boards, and combining with sustainably grown wood or using driftwood from the sea. This process takes time, but we all have to slow down to realize that we run into the wall, if we don’t change something.