Do you want to open eyes of people? It has been a successful 2022!

The 3 Pyramids of Giza… Oh no, of Trash… Going around Portugal! Or even a combined together to Awareness Christmas Tree! We upcycled beer kegs (modern beer barrels for mostly craft beer) in collaboration with @ecoality and filled them with trash of the 3 The Trash Traveler projects: Beach trash from The Plastic Hike with amazing help by @ocean.patrol. 1 million cigarette butts from The Butt Hike and 4600 bottles and cans from The Trash Cycle to shout out for a deposit system pushed by @mar_usar_recuperar @sciaena and @_retorna = sign the petition. All pyramids telling different stories about how humanity is treating the planet.

First year exhibitions: Main beaches of Municipality Espinho and Municipality Lagos and a Christmas Tree with the Union of Juntas Freguesia de Casilhas / Almada / MOGA Festival in Caparica

Book them for your event or forward it to municipalities, festivals, companies to raise awareness in different bubbles and locations!