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  • you would like to book The Trash Traveler and Fantastic Team for awareness actions, board game workshops, talks, documentary movie, Ukulele songs, art pieces, “The Butt Pyramid”, stop motion / awareness videos or social media collaborations. Or become even a partner in the next years big adventure… Get in touch:
  • other ideas are welcome!

The Trash Traveler Talk

Book an online or offline talk of The Trash Traveler and you will experience an inspirational moment about plastic pollution with joy and creativity. It is a talk about how a biologist, who acquired his Master’s thesis at Cambridge University, quit his job and bio medical career to raise awareness about an urgent issue. The Trash Traveler Ukulele is always on board to bring positivity to a serious issue. CHECK OUT AN EXAMPLE TALK 30 MIN ON YOUTUBE

The Butt 2D Art

Want to inspire your audience with some different art? The cigarette butt smiley can be made of 200.000 cigarette butts that lets everyone stop and reflect on their own habits. These and others can be set up on your event. The reactions of people to a mass of cigarette butts are always impressive!


The Awareness Pyramids

The 3 Pyramids of Giza… Oh no, of Trash… Going around Portugal! All pyramids telling different stories about how humanity is treating the planet. We even combined the pyramids to 1 big Christmas Tree. Exhibition developed with: CM Espinho, CM Lagos, Junta Cacilhas, MOGA Festival, CM Almada

Book them for your event, municipality, festival, company, school to raise awareness.     MORE INFOS 

Videos and Songs

Creative videos with trash for your event or educational purpose. Always with a bit of wit to open eyes with positivity. Stop motion videos, explanation videos at the beach, with or without Ukulele songs about the topic.

Digital / Physical / Personal

Order the print file of the growing microplastic art piece collection or get your own personalised art piece. Each art piece is also uniquely for sale and put together in an envelope – you can puzzle and glue it at home on a paper. Available: The Baby Whale (Picture)

The Microplastic Font

Plastic in nature breaks down to microplastic. Shockingly, researchers have also found microplastics in the human placenta from unborn babies. To raise awareness about this almost invisible issue that reaches every corner of this world, we have developed a microplastic font to fill the digital world with it. 

The microplastic has been collected in The Plastic Hike adventure. The Trash Traveler and his father placed the microplastic to form letters. They photographed each letter and sent it to our team member Raquel Fortuna Lima who digitalised the photos to create a keyboard font for the Adobe Collection Programs. DOWNLOAD

Awareness Documentaries

The Plastic Hike along the 1152 km long coast of Portugal, meeting NGOs and environmentalists. More Infos. (96 minutes)

Butts: About the coastal journey to pick up 1 million butts with the community in Portugal. More Infos. (90 minutes)

The Trash Cycle: An adventure with a bike built out of only second hand bike parts to raise awareness about a circular economy and to raise signatures for a deposit return scheme for bottles and cans in Portugal. More Infos. (26 minutes – ideal for schools) 

Environmental Board Games

Put your smartphone aside and connect with nature in a slow and different way. While we are playing nature related games, we develop  empathy for our environment. A strategy that doesn’t only work for kids. Via our travel along the coast of Portugal we played with a variety of people and had great discussions about nature and environmental issues. 
A workshop by Camera With No Name


Giving trash value to emphasise the need of a circular economy. Together with companies and institutions to more awareness.

The first trial project has won the 2nd place of the worldwide Surfrider and Vissla upcycling and creators contest 2020. It is a surfboard made of the isolation of an old fridge, 2000 cigarette butts, micro plastic, corona masks and an old trousers. (See the video here). The second project has been together with the outdoor brand Jack Wolfskin to reflect their sustainable production processes. A surfboard out of shipping boxes and recycled fabrics came to life. This project is a collaboration with Steve_Surfboards. More pictures here.

Beach / City Clean Ups

Book The Trash Traveler for your clean up activity. While we clean, we learn about plastic pollution and what we can do about it. With the Ukulele and thematic educational songs, we will have fun, learn and connect. It’s not about cleaning, but about what we can do protect the planet. Every clean up will be a “Zero Waste Clean Up” with reusable gloves and bags. In the end of the session, we will analyse the trash collected and may compose a new awareness song with your team to sing together.