A Cooperative Adventure to Save the Ocean!

Based on a true story, you will embark on an extraordinary journey with “The Trash Traveler” to save the world’s most important ecosystem: the ocean.

The game takes you as a team on a thrilling adventure through picturesque landscapes that are flooded with trash. On your clean up journey, you save endangered animals, meet experts and scientists to understand the complexity of environmental issues, and use creativity to find solutions and inspire people.

While trying to clean up the planet, we learn along the journey that it is not about cleaning but about working together and achieving common goals.

The Trash Travelers invites you to dive deep into ocean and climate issues, making every play an educational and impactful experience. Work together, make strategic decisions, and see our world become a better place, one step at a time.
Your mission: Raise awareness and inspire as many people as possible to save our base to life – a healthy ocean.

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(END OF 2024 / BEGINNING 2025)

Project by
The Trash Traveler
– part of Associação Novo Mundo

Design / Game Mechanics:
Carolina Semrau & Augusto Lima (Camera With No Name

Ideas, Consulting, Brainstorm:
Andreas Noe, The Trash Traveler, Carolina Semrau, Augusto Lima, Ana Rita Seirôco

Dani Medrano

Rule Book by
Meeple of Liberty

We won a grant by Fujitsu Limited to develop this board game accompanied by a documentary movie and workshops in schools and local communities. Thank you Fujitsu Limited!


Board Game Highlights:
Cooperative Gameplay: Work as a team to find solutions and achieve common goals.
Educational Fun: Learn about plastic pollution and environmental issues.
Dynamic Challenges: Face unique obstacles and save animals.
Creative Outcomes: Deliver trash to artists and witness art come to life.
Impactful Story: Raise awareness and contribute to a better planet.

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