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World’s Biggest Butt Pick Up

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 Earth Week / Earth Day is coming!
The ocean starts in our homes, in our streets, in our cities – with our acts!
It starts with a little act of picking a butt and ends up caring for the ocean, planet and climate.

Pick cigarette butts from 15th – 23rd of April EVERYWHERE IN PORTUGAL! Organise a group clean up in your area!

In 2021, we have collected 1.1 million cigarette butts together with 600 people and 70 NGOs in 2 months.
(Project “The Butt Hike” + Documentary Movie – details here)
Can we do this all in just 1 week? We believe yes!

– Just spread the message, invite and tag friends in @thetrashtraveler posts
Media Kit to Shareposters, invitation videos and communication guide here
– Initial Pick Up / Clean Up guidelines and info here!
– Send us an email to register your clean up or receive more infos:  (maybe we can connect you even with like minded people in your area!) 
Register here for the newsletter / ambassador program to help further Trash Traveler projects  
– Pick alone or with friends – we need only 2000 people to pick 500 butts – why not?!
Or better: Organise a biiiiig clean up with your local community: we (and you can also) invite everyone, incl. schools, municipalities, local parishes, universities, stores, restaurants, NGOs, Grandma’s, presidente Marcelo and general public to make it possible.
– Join The Trash Traveler physical clean ups around Lisbon (to be announced)

– Just collect and bring butts to Lisbon for our final on 23rd of April (Location to be announced)
– If you can’t attend send us an email / message to find drop-off/collection points and transportation logistics: 

This list of actions grows from now on and you can create a new group action or join for the locations below and contact the partners:

Confirmed actions in the map below!
Click on each location to find out the partners to contact to participate or bring your collected cigarette butts to…
 Programa Atlantis + Oceans and Flow + Bananas do Mar (Escola) , MarMeuMaria Granel , Rede Biatakí , Sagres Beach Clean , Ocean Patrol , Plogging Challenge Portugal , Missão Beatão , Planet Caretakers , Associacao Novo Mundo Azul , Projeto Gea , Zero Waste Lab Portugal , Catraia Festival ,

The biggest thanks goes to all the participants. Only together we can reach change.
This is only an initial list with the main partners to set up the project.
This list will be prolonged as the project develops.

Initial partners of this project:

Associacao Novo Mundo Azul – The Trash Traveler is part of this local Portuguese youth association
Rede Biatakí – Supporting partner for Zero Waste clean-ups, Upcycling cigarette butts and Carbon Footprint compensation the project
Planet Caretakers – Hands on power of good human beings!
Sciaena – Supporting the project with policy related questions
Missão Beatão – NGO for cigarette butt awareness in Portugal
Plogging Challenge Portugal –  Yearly National Challenge for Earth Day in Portugal – Join!
Cgreener – Communication Agency in Portugal
CameraWithNoName – Documentary Film Team within The Trash Traveler Team
Ocyano – Ocean oriented design agency (posters / social media design)


 Foto footage “The Butt Hike” 2021: