Surf Film Festival | Parque Santa Marta, Ericeira


(R)HOPE is a coral reef created with ropes and fishing cages collected from the beaches of Peniche with the idea to create the coral reef with one of the causes of its destruction – trawling fishing.

Coral reefs sequester more carbon dioxide than inland forests, so protecting and reforesting coral reefs is urgently needed to balance Earth’s climate.

(R) HOPE is a desire for more sustainable fishing in the future, for Marine Protected Areas and an invitation for more creativity to transform waste into aesthetic pieces.


Lizzy is an artist raising awareness with illustrations related to marine litter and climate change and physical pieces. Being a part of @surfriderpeniche, Lizzy started the awareness work roughly 4 years ago and amazing results have arisen since then. 

She became a surfer because she wanted to be close to the sea. She started drawing surfers and from there her career as an illustrator began. At the same time that she became a surfer she realized that she had to give back and take care of the Ocean, so she looked for Surfrider’s volunteering.  Later, when she took over the coordination of the surfrider pole in Peniche, she started using her trait to create content that would help spread the message and raise awareness of the problem of marine litter.

She believes that everything she was was given to her by the Ocean – which shaped herself, rooted values ​​and determined all my life choices. She believes that her intimacy with the Ocean makes her actions and messages of appeal visceral and honest in the eyes of those who see, hear and feel her work and her life as a whole, lived according to the tides.

Lizzy’s words to the world: The human childhood era is over, the time has come to take responsibility for what we are and do to ourselves and to others. Now we have to grow up and compose ourselves as adults.  Nobody will solve anything for us, because the change is us.