Praia dos Pescadores | Ericeira


This installation “Light fish” was built from welded iron, where students could visualize the techniques of welding and shaping iron, demonstrated by their “great friend” Luís Costa. The structure was covered with “trash” that was collected in the various cleaning campaigns, both on the beaches of Ericeira and on the Lizandro River.

It is intended that through the dot, the line, the color, the texture and the expressiveness, the community is moved and sensitized to what is consumed every day, what is wasted every day and what is sought out every day.


Luís Costa – from the project Kosta Moving – is originally from Torres Vedras but has been living for many years in Ericeira, a coastline town of Portugal. A retired policeman with an undeniable connection with the sea, he’s an environment defensor and has a passion for MTB – mountain bike circuits.

This artist’s preferred material to create art is iron and he started to manually work with it at the young age of 14.


His days start at around 5 am and as he says, he rests in movement. Luís does beach clean ups everyday within Mafra municipality and also at river Lizandro banks. 5 years ago he decided to start integrating trash into his art pieces.

Apart from being an amazing artist, Luís is an amazing human being and told us a super nice fact: “I managed for elderly and handicapped people to surf with Garrett McNamara and it was unbelievable”. 

It’s really time for us to act and not just react and for this reason, Luís shared with us two of his most impactful sustainable changes done so far: to reduce meat consumption and to plant his own vegetables.