Bruno Costa and Teresa Azevedo developed the project “Mar de Experiências” to protect and promote the coastline culture of ther home town Vila Chã, in Vila do Conde.

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Bruno came up with the idea for this piece during last Summer’s plastic hike, where one of the objects we found while collecting trash together from Vila Chã’s beach were fishing nets. This inspired Bruno to create a genial face with a fishing net as hair. 

Albert Einstein represents science and knowledge. This genius developed the most famous equation – E = mc² . This art piece pretends to represent another perspective of evolution, where the ideology of the R’s takes place in this new equation – E=R ∞.


“Cousteau”, built with beach trash, honors the greatest oceanographer and defender of the oceans, raising awareness about the importance of oceans in human life and on the planet.


Through elements of the coastal biodiversity of Vila Chã, it represents the evolution of fishing activity in this location and pays homage to local actors who were part of this history.


Mar de Experiências is an amazing pedagogical project developed by Bruno Costa and Teresa Azevedo with the aim of emphasizing, protecting and promoting the coastline culture of this dynamic couple’s hometown – Vila Chã, located in the North of Portugal.

Bruno is passionate about everything that involves visual arts, from photography to painting. Being a self-taught artist, he uses his passion to constantly create new pieces.

His pieces made from trash have been featured in several exhibitions and luckily for all of us, we have the pleasure to see Bruno’s wonderful work at the Lisbon exhibition namely the one representing the genius physicist Albert Einstein.

The main message this incredible artist would like to transmit to the World is that each of us is responsible for the trash we produce! So, it’s up to all of us to reduce it as much as possible!

Through his exhibitions he has the capacity to show us in a creative way, the enormous variety of trash that unfortunately still ends up at the beaches and in the sea and to promote the reflection about this topic encouraging sustainable behaviors.