‘Where is all the waste? ‘ brings our trash into the streets to let you experience your own trash filled world, and it’s not pretty. Now you too can empathise with the marine life that are subjected to living amongst the waste that ends up in the oceans. You too can now experience a world of waste.


Nick is a keen surfer and ocean activist. He’s often seen making signs or posting videos to raise awareness about plastic reduction as well as picking up trash after a surf or on organised beach cleans. He tries to constantly reduce his personal plastic consumption and always recycles household waste. He strongly believes that compostable/mushroom plastics are the future of packaging!

His art piece entitled ‘Where is all the waste?’ aims to remind the viewers about the disgusting nature of trash. 

As humans we’re very good at hiding or moving problems away from our own backyard. We dispose of our trash in landfill sites, burying it where it’s out of sight, or dumping it in the sea far away from our own homes, or sending it off to be recycled often in countries on the other side of the world. But… What if you had to see that trash in your own environment?

We can do many beautiful and amazing upcycling things with waste, and we should continue to try and find solutions to reduce initial consumption of plastics and reuse waste products. Presently, however, the real story is that many environments are spoiled by waste. How would you like your houses/streets/habitat to be filled with trash? 

What can you do to make a change?