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Casa O Marco | Figueira da Foz

"The Baloon | The Robot | The Mullus Auratus (Salmonete) | The Owl"

These boards were made from broken boards, at the end of their life, with a lot of originality, technique and fun. We can and should give our goods a second life, before buying new ones.


Diogo from @Remainsurfboards is an amazing surf artist from Figueira da Foz. Last year, he organised a massive clean up action in Leirosa for “The Plastic Hike”. He is simply a surfer who cares for the ocean. 

Since he was young, he saw value in trashed surfboard blanks to give them new freaky artsy shapes.

He started doing this reusing approach out of curiosity and because he liked to surf with different objects. Now it has grown into an awareness project. 

“Stop using single-use packaging, mainly plastics, pay more attention to what you buy and what you throw away, and where you throw it, do not think that the garbage is all the same.”