A 60m long monster dragon out of 300.000 plastic bottles. In Portugal, more than 720 million plastic bottles are used per year, which means that we create 2,400 sea monsters annually.


A vision of the fish of the future, made of beach trash instead of flesh and bones, and surviving by eating rubbish rather than other fish. Natural evolution suggests this dark scenario isn’t entirely improbable, and it’s down to us to change our destructive way of life to ensure we don’t end up going down that catastrophic road.


A group of three surfers created this green art project with the message to keep the ocean clean, and the importance of respecting nature and human rights. This project began in 2005 and since then, plenty of impactful trash sculptures have been shown in plenty exhibitions around Europe. As passionate surfers who spend a lot of time on the beach, they started to collect more and more materials from there and they realized that they could get two activities together: Their passion for art and their goal to do as much as they could to preserve the beaches and raise awareness for the uncontrollable growing plastic pollution around the world.

Every little art piece helps to improve the perception of nature and its protection. From those who create art, to those who come to look at the resulting exhibitions.