For this art piece, The Trash Traveler joined forces with Circular Wear: a project that is a community of sharing and swapping, with the mission of reducing waste and pollution in fashion.

"Mr. Consolação, the seahorse"

With a 4 hours hike, between supertubos and consolação beaches, it was possible to collect enough plastic trash for Mr. Consolação. Most parts of this piece are formed by broken colourful pieces that were found, as you see them, between dunes and the ocean. 

The fishing nets, part of it, are just a small amount of what we collected that day. It took 2 full days to put it together, so that when we look at it, we remember how important it is to reduce our consumption, to refuse single-use, and to take better care of our oceans!


CW is a young project that was born to gather a community of change regarding our clothing consumption habits. With the mission of reducing waste and pollution in our actions, CW has founded a sharing and swapping system that everyone can set up. It is open to whomever wants to be part of it, and it’s spread, as of 2021, in 5 different cities – the SWAP SPOTs.

SWAP SPOTs are shared racks in public spaces, where we can leave what we don’t wear anymore, and take something we love. 

We believe all existing clothes are already enough for many centuries, and that we don’t need to produce from raw. We just need to re-invent this production. From clothes to clothes, in a non-polluting and wasteful system. CW believes this will be possible soon – the circular system will be implemented and will be the core of the fashion industry. 

In the meantime let’s extend the life of what we already have, reduce our consumption, along with our waste and pollution footprint and refuse buying what is not sustainable. This way we pressure the industry to take action as quickly as possible, and with our individual actions and behaviour change, the world can change too!

You want to help reduce waste and pollution in what you wear and do? Here some ideas:

  • Create a SWAP SPOT wherever you are
  • Contact us if you want us to set-up a SWAP SPOT
  • Partner up to admin a Swap Spot facebook group of a city
  • Share information 
  • Swap and share what you have
  • If you really need to buy new, look for sustainable and circular brands