Ginger Café | Vila Nova de Santo André


This art piece was produced from trash collected on the beaches of the Southwest Alentejo and Algarve, which are increasingly polluted.


Zé Costa was born and raised in Lisbon, his life changed drastically when 3 years ago he decided to move to the tranquility of Alentejo which has also helped him to make more sustainable changes in his day to day life. This artist’s background is really interesting. He worked for 15 years at RTP, one of the main portuguese TV channels, as a TV set builder creating sets for different shows and having the opportunity to work with different materials. Afterwards, he created his own company named CENA STAND and 9 years ago also helped to decorate a hotel in Aljezur, Algarve.

Currently this awesome artist creates art pieces, namely made of wood, by using several materials he finds when doing beaches’ clean ups.

If the whole World could listen to him, this is the super important message he would like to share: “Be mindful and look around you to understand the huge amount of trash we can unfortunately still find at our beaches and streets and do something about it.”